Open every day except Mondays between 10.00 and 18.00

Boyacı Ahmet Sokak No: 4
Binbirdirek, Fatih

Barın Han is a five-storey building in Çemberlitaş, on Istanbul's Historical Peninsula. Having served as the atelier of Turkey's leading calligrapher and book-binding artist Emin Barın for decades, the venue has embraced exhibitions, artist workshops and meetings since 2019. Emin Barın was a pioneer of the art and discipline of calligraphy in Turkey, and trained many leaders of this field. Having graduated from Ankara Gazi Terbiye Institute's painting department, he studied Latin calligraphy and book-binding techniques at the best studios in Germany (1937–43). The new approaches he brought to his art, and the regular 'Thursday Meetings' held in his office with leading intellectuals of his time, have left a unique legacy of creative integration between tradition and aesthetic modernity. His belief in collective production resounds in the projects brought together here for the 17th Istanbul Biennial. This is the first time the venue will host the biennial. As in many of the buildings in the Historical Peninsula, beneath Barın Han sits an ancient cistern, while myriad layers of the city's past reveal themselves in a breathtaking panorama from the upper floors.

Disabled access unavailable.
Food and beverage facilities available.
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