Lesley-Anne Cao, Iris Ferrer, Noberto Roldan, Touki Roldan, Jel Suarez, Yuji de Torres, Dominic Zinampan in collaboration with NPAA (United Progressive Artists and Architects) and PİST (Interdisciplinary Project Space İstanbul).

Green Papaya Art Projects (estd. 2000, Manila, Philippines) is the longest-running independently run multidisciplinary initiative in the Philippines. It supports and organises actions and propositions that explore tactical approaches to the production, dissemination, research and presentation of contemporary practices in varied artistic and scholarly fields. It also endeavours to provide a platform for intellectual exchange, information sharing, critical dialogue and creative/practical collaboration among the artistic community. After 20 years in operation, Green Papaya announced its closure in 2021, but the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic and a June 2020 fire that razed the collective’s space and some of its archives, have resulted in alternations to its plans. Recent projects include Right People, Wrong Timing (2021), which gathered 23 personal anecdotes about other independent initiatives in Green Papaya’s network that eventually became discontinued, dormant, unsuccessful, or forgotten. The group also acted as artistic director and curator for the 2018 edition of the Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference (VIVA EXCON), the longest running artist-run biennial in the Philippines, and again in the upcoming edition in Antique Province in 2023.

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