I. Purpose

Establishment of an international Advisory Board consisting of experts in order to benefit from their views and experiences on the strategies to be followed by the Istanbul Biennial organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV).

II. Tasks

1. To make proposals for the selection of the Biennial’s curator, who changes every two years,
2. Attending periodic advisory board meetings and providing opinions and suggestions on the developments reported by the selected curator and the Biennial Director,
3. To provide suggestions and comments that will contribute to the strategies related to the Biennial (venue determination, special events, etc.),
4. To bring suggestions and comments that will contribute to the publicity and marketing of the Biennial.

III. Formation

1. The Istanbul Biennial Advisory Board consists of five members, two members with expertise in different fields of visual arts (artists, academics, curators, art critics, etc.) and three international advisors. The number of members may be increased when deemed necessary.
2. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of İKSV, İKSV General Manager and Biennial Director are natural members of the Advisory Board.
3. The members of the Advisory Board are determined by the Biennial Director in consultation with the İKSV General Manager and the Chairman of the İKSV Board of Directors.
4. Advisory Board members cannot serve more than two editions.

IV. Method of Operation

1. The Istanbul Biennial Advisory Board meets twice a year at the İKSV Headquarters. Meeting dates are determined by the Biennial Management. İKSV may request additional meetings if deemed necessary
2. The membership of the member who fails to attend the work of the Board for two consecutive times without an excuse is automatically terminated.
3. Decisions of the Advisory Board are taken by majority vote.
4. At the end of the meeting, the Advisory Board decides on three curator candidates (prioritising them as candidate 1, candidate 2 and candidate 3) and suggests them to the İKSV management. İKSV management decides on one of these three candidates and appoints her/him as the Istanbul Biennial Curator. The decisions of the Advisory Board are proposals and become final with the approval of the İKSV management. No announcement about the curator can be made and the selected curator cannot be informed until the approval is finalised. If deemed necessary, the Advisory Board is invited to meet again.
5. İKSV cannot appoint anyone other than the three nominated candidates as Istanbul Biennial Curator.
6. Advisory Board members cannot be offered curatorial positions during their term of office (even if they resign from the Advisory Board until the end of the curatorial selection process of that year).
7. The members of the Advisory Board are not paid an attendance fee, but the travelling expenses of members coming from outside Istanbul are covered by İKSV.
8. Meeting agendas are prepared by the Biennial management before the meeting and sent to the members. Meeting notes are sent to the members after the meeting by the Biennial management.
9.The members of the Advisory Board are informed about developments related to the Biennial via e-mail. In cases where urgent information is required apart from the meeting, the Advisory Board can be frequently informed and their opinions can be consulted.

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