In her site-specific installations Özlem Altın repurposes narratives and rearranges them into new ones. Many of these stories are concerned with the human body, which she sees as a site of transfer, communication, resonance, reflection and feedback. Our bodies, she notes, are constantly informing us and signifying to us, and the sense of touch is a crucial aspect of communication. Her new work, which emphasises moments of ‘passage’, also takes up the notion of portals: sites that open up to other sites. She has said that the body is itself a portal, and that one aspect of portals is that they require an element of surrender.

Aktaş (b. 1987, Diyarbakır, Turkey) lives and works in Diyarbakır. He completed his BFA in painting in Marmara University and MFA in Yeditepe University. In his drawings, Aktaş delves into urban memory traumas through carefully depicted images that bear the marks of urban transformation, forced evictions, demolishment and traces of social conflict. Aktaş participated in Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, artist residency programme (2016). Before his first solo exhibition No Man’s Land at artSümer, Istanbul (2018), he participated in duo/group shows Impossible Space, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul (2017); Poser Son Temps, On-Off Site, Paris (2017); Wider den Grautönen, Pasinger Fabrik Gmbh, Munich (2016); Open Space, Pilot, Istanbul (2016) and Mythologies, 3rd Mardin Biennial (2015) among others.


Each Moment is a Portal (Jurema), 2019
(with Ali Altın and Jochen Goerlach)
Installation Dimensions variable Courtesy the artist.
Commissioned by the 16th Istanbul Biennial.
Produced with the support of Goethe Institut Istanbul and SAHA–Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey.