Open every day except Mondays between 10.00 and 18.00

Müstantik Caddesi No: 32
Cibali, Fatih

Constructed in 1477, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam is one of the oldest Turkish baths in Istanbul, located in the Fatih neighbourhood across the Golden Horn from Beyoğlu. Having been vacant since the mid-1990s, the hammam first played host to the Istanbul Biennial in its 14th edition in 2015.

Though it lies at the heart of the great metropolis, Fatih has a rhythm all its own. It is one of Istanbul's most historic districts, containing its oldest residential areas and numerous architectural landmarks, surrounded by remnants of the ancient city walls. The famous red edifice of the city's oldest and most prestigious Greek school, established in 1454, is nearby in the Fener neighbourhood. In the hammam's immediate vicinity lies the former ninth-century Eastern Orthodox church now known as Gül Camii, 'The Mosque of the Rose', one of the most significant Byzantine religious buildings still standing in Istanbul. From here, the sixthteenth century The Çinili Hamam, also a biennial venue, is less than ten minutes' walk away through narrow streets that reveal the old city's layered past.

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