Ylva Snöfrid’s works explore life- changing experiences related to rituals, paranormal phenomenon and exceptional and the coincidental. Snöfrid’s installation FANTASIA, a Reflection of the Painter’s Studio in the Shadow World, Divided into Three Parts, Dystopia, Heterotopia, Utopia comprising domestic effects such as tea tables, day beds and stools, is formed around a three-fold mirror, in which the artist inhabits the space through a series of performance rituals, about the process of making, and leaving the traces of her movements. Snöfrid made her work on site in Istanbul during the summer of 2019.

Ylva Snöfrid (b. 1974, Umeå, Sweden) is based in Athens, Greece, and Stockholm, Sweden. Earlier Ylva lived in what seemed to be the real world, while Snöfrid lived behind the mirrors, in the so-called mirror world, (a world which is often described as less than real). Snöfrid has been there since Ylva’s childhood, acting as her mirror twin. Later, she became a part of Ylva’s ‘art’ (‘art’ as per what ‘artists’ do). For many years, Ylva brought Snöfrid into the world through rituals and ceremonies, through objects and publications, again and again and again… Until they were finally fused into one – Ylva Snöfrid. This happened 2017, through an 8 hour long Transmutation Ritual, Ylva and Snöfrid’s Transmutation Ritual with Mirrored Spring, Snöfrid et les contre espaces, the Oracle and Tondo, in Retour sur Mulholland Drive, at La Panacée, Montpellier.


FANTASIA, a Reflection of the Painter’s Studio in the Shadow World, Divided in Three Parts, Dystopia, Heterotopia, Utopia, 2019
Six paintings (oil on canvas, sooted easels,stones, building blocks, 6 × 471 × 284 cm, various dimensions); twenty- four paintings (oil on canvas, furniture for paintings, various objects, 6 × 106 × 106 cm; 3 × 125 × 88 cm, 12 × 52 × 40 cm; 9 × 68 × 99 cm, various dimensions); twelve flags (oil on canvas, various dimensions); twenty-one glass jars, various objects and tools for living and rituals (37x 25 cm, various dimensions); 348 drawings, diary, journal (various dimensions)
The construction of the furniture is made in collaboration with Rodrigo Mallea Lira.
Some of the drawings and objects are made by the artist’s daughters Sibylla and Xenia.
Courtesy the artist.
Commissioned by the 16th Istanbul Biennial.
Produced and presented with the support of The Swedish Art Grants Committee and IASPIS.

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