The 18th Istanbul Biennial will take place in 2025 and involve a new preparatory process

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) has been working since March 2023 with some 58 artists from around the world to realise the 18th Istanbul Biennial. The curatorial framework proposed for this biennial explored the role of art in the aftermath of loss and trauma, facilitating the production of dozens of new works of art and fruitful new local and international collaborations.

Meanwhile, in response to criticism of its decision-making procedures, İKSV reviewed its governance mechanisms with the goal of making them more participatory. Our goal, as always, was to ensure that the Istanbul Biennial provided a platform for artistic expression, dialogue and interaction. However, we have witnessed the emergence of undesired divisions in art circles that are adversely affecting artists who had already agreed or might have agreed to participate in the biennial as well as collaborations and partnerships. Unfortunately, this situation has made it impossible to hold the Istanbul Biennial as planned.

We regretfully announce, therefore, that the 18th Istanbul Biennial, which was scheduled to open its doors on 14 September 2024, will be postponed. Just as we have always worked hard to organise the Istanbul Biennial in the best way possible, we will ensure that the Istanbul Biennial returns to audiences in 2025, following a new process carried out within the framework of our new regulations.

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