Borrowing from storytelling, folklore, ethnography and anthropology, Jonathas de Andrade explores issues surrounding the colonial legacies of Latin America, its current brutalities and what the artist calls its ‘urgencies and discomforts’. O Peixe (The Fish) was made with a group of fishermen from Piaçabuçu and Coruripe in Brazil. We see them engaging in a ritual involving catching the fish, then tenderly holding their prey to their chests until they stop breathing. Commenting on human and natural relations, and an entanglement between expressions of care and suffocation, De Andrade also nods to exclusionary systems of narration and documentation that are imbricated in colonialist and ethnographic enterprises.

Jonathas de Andrade (b. 1982, Maceió, Brazil) lives and works in Recife. He uses photography, installation and video to traverse collective memory and history, making use of strategies that shuffle fiction and reality. Jonathas collects and catalogues architecture, images, texts, life stories and recomposes a personal narrative of the past. Past solo museum exhibitions include ​Museu de Arte de ​São Paulo (2016-17); ​The Power Plant, Toronto (2017); New Museum, New York (2017); and MCA Chicago (2019). Group exhibitions include 32nd Bienal de São Paulo (2016); Unfinished Conversations: New Work from the Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2017); and Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan (2018).


O Peixe (The Fish), 2016
16mm (2K), Sound 5.1, 16:9 (1.77)
Courtesy the artist, Galeria Vermelho, Galleria Continua and Alexander & Bonin.
Presented with the support of Consulate General of Brazil in Istanbul.

Carlos Dos Santos (Menezes)
Cícero Dos Santos (Ciço)
Cipriano Batista Alves (Cipriano)
Genivaldo Santos De Lima (Irmão)
Gileno Cândido Bezerra (Leno)
José Ailton Almeida De Liza (Xau)
José Dalmo Dos Santos (Curió)
José Elenildo Oliveira Dos Santos (Keno)
Romerig Francisco Dos Santos (Rom)
Ronaldo Vieira Santos (Ronaldo)

Pirarucu Tambuacu Tilápia


Jonathas de Andrade

Assistant Director
Jeronimo Lemos

Produced by
Rachel Daisy Ellis

Co-produced by
Jennifer Lange

Production Manager
Vanessa Barbosa

Pedro Urano

Assistant Photographer
Leandro Gomes Camila Freitas

Tita Ricardo Pretti

Sound Design
Mauricio d’Orey

Sound Mixing
Paul Hill

Color Grade
Mike Olenick

Film/Video Studio Program, Wexner Center for the Arts

Fish Farms
Fernando (Coruripe)
Galindo (Piaçabuçu)
Wellinton (Coruripe)

Drivers (boats)
Carlos Roberto Bento E
Silva Chico Pescador
Ronaldo Vieira Dos Santos

Driver (van)

Set Assistants
Gileno Cândido Bezerra (Leno)
José Américo dos Santos (Zé)
José Caetano Santos (Juquinha)
José Nelson dos Santos (Neo)
Manuel Jacinto de Oliveira (Mãozinha)

Desvia Wexner Center for the Arts

Supported by Funcultura Governo do Estado de Pernambuco

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