Open every day except Mondays between 09.00 and 16.30

Yeniçiftlik Yolu No: 1
Merkezefendi, Zeytinburnu

Founded in 2005, Zeytinburnu Medicinal Plants Garden was the first garden of its kind in Turkey. Located not far from the Sea of Marmara near several historic hospitals and the cemeteries of many different faiths, the garden stands at a sensory and spiritual crossroads between modern medicine and various healing traditions. Also within walking distance are the Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge, built in 1597, and the tomb of fifteenth-century Islamic scholar and founder of the nearby Khalwatiyya Lodge, Merkez Efendi, whose famed recipe for mesir (a spicy paste known for its invigorating effects) contained 41 different herbs and spices.

The garden today is home to more than 700 medicinal plant species, spread across nearly 1.4 hectares. The 17th biennial celebrates these plants and their integral role in human wellbeing. Two artistic engagements with the site, one of which sparked a special musical collaboration, recall and amplify ancient relationships with species that shelter and nourish us, that populate our art, our literature, our cuisine, can be heard in our songs, and whose healing potential is undiminished.

Disabled access available.
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