Open every day except Mondays between 10.00 and 18.00

Ağahamam Maç Sokak No: 40
Katip Mustafa Çelebi, Beyoğlu

Central Greek High School for Girls was designed by architect Dimitrios Panayiotides and built in the late nineteenth century. The school was founded to provide impoverished girls with an education, yet closed down in 1999 due to an insufficient number of students. The building is currently looked after by a caretaker family and its classrooms contain equipment, paintings, maps, and other items preserving the memories of a bygone era. Entered through a narrow doorway, the building's ground floor now plays host to the Istanbul Biennial. And its garden, which contains various species of plants, animates this quiet slice of the city's history.

After your visit to the Central Greek High School for Girls, located between the two major axes of the Beyoğlu district, Istiklal and Sıraselviler Avenues, you can make your way down a steep hill towards the vibrant streets of Tophane, or ascend towards Gezi Park for a restful change of pace.

Disabled access unavailable.
Food and beverage facilities unavailable.
Toilets unavailable.
Car parking unavailable.

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