Open every day except Mondays between 10.00 and 18.00

Beydağı Sokak 3A
Rasimpaşa, Kadıköy

arthereistanbul was founded in 2014 by Syrian artists who had to leave their country due to war. It has been serving as a meeting point in Istanbul for artists facing displacement, as well as a space for developing and exhibiting their artistic practices. The venue occupies three-storeys of a building in the Yeldeğirmeni neighbourhood of Kadıköy, and accommodates a recording studio, dark room, workshop and exhibition spaces. Its multi-purpose ground floor hosts regular film screenings. Numerous cats, the co-hosts of the venue, will cross your path at every turn. Following your visit to arthereistanbul, where the biennial's stories, sounds and conversations will intersect, walking down towards the wharf you will encounter one of the most dazzling views of Istanbul. As the cries of the gulls fill your ears, take in the smells of the port and let yourself drift with the crowd through the colourful streets towards Bahariye and Moda.

Disabled access unavailable.
Food and beverage facilities unavailable.
Toilets available.
Car parking unavailable.

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