In collaboration with the volunteers of Pustaka Bergerak.

Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka (b. 1968, Barru, Indonesia) is a writer, social entrepreneur and activist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His goal is to encourage people to build their own reading and writing culture so that they can write down their history and stories and form a continuing social, political and cultural reality. To answer this need, he has been actively developing Pustaka Bergerak Indonesia (Indonesian Mobile Library Network) since 2004, a grass-roots literacy movement that has successfully made a variety of books accessible.The Mobile Libraries include the Boat Library, the Library on Horseback, the Cart Library, the Train Library, the Pedicab Library, the Motorbike Library, the Rickshaw Library, the Backpack Library, the Bicycle Library, and the Noken [woven bag] Library. He has published several books and essays on literature and culture, as well as on the relationship between science and literature, such as Two Essays (Lontar, 2016); Percakapan dengan Semesta (A Conversation with the Universe, Circa, 2017) and Semesta Manusia (This Universe of Mankind, Ombak, 2018). His writings also appeared in Inter-Asian Cultural Studies and International Journal of Asian Studies from 2002–06.

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