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Crip Magazine issue #5 is about archiving pain and social movements, celebrating weakness, about Queer Crip belonging, writing or being written off, all-inclusive parties, the autistic turn, impersonating self-portraits, life exchanges, soothing flowers, non-compliance as a social skill, peculiar visions, human spring, a walking frame, the diversity of dancing bodies, what we can learn from Disability Studies, Queer crossword puzzling on mental health and disability pride.

Crip Magazine functions as a collaborative platform, gathering artistic and theoretical contributions by artists and diverse cultural producers that challenge binaries such as disability/ability or vulnerability/strength as constructions to shape life.

For Crip Magazine #5, a new volume that Eva Egermann publishes on the occasion of the 17th Istanbul Biennale, the artist connects her research with the work of artists, activists and scholars from Turkey working on and around themes of disability. Along with the printed magazines available at biennial venues, the edition will be available as an accessible format online and extends its reach through co-operation and cross-publishing with fellow biennial participants and local periodicals.

Crip Magazine's 5th Edition Launch will be held with the participation of Eva Egermann, creator and editor of the Crip Magazine, and Elif Aybaş, Çınar Eslek and Sibel Yardımcı, three of the contributors of the magazine.

Crip Magazine #5 Contributors :
Accessible Everything, atelienormalno, Elif Aybaş, Dilan Aydemir, Mel Baggs (†),İpek Burçak, Eli Clare, Theresia Degener, Eva Egermann, Çınar Eslek, Kaan Göncü, Lana Grahek, Yevhen Holubientsev, Matthias Julian, Merhaba! Spektrum, Alyson Patsavas, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Lieko Shiga, Jo Spence (†), Pelin Tan, Tuğçe Ulugün Tuna, Sibel Yardımcı

Design by: Lana Grahek

Image Caption/ Credit Cover:
Crip Magazin #5, 2022, Coverdesign, [Drawing: Yevhen Holubientsev/ atelienormalno, (Ukraine, March 2022), Design: Lana Grahek, Concept: Eva Egermann, Publishers Issue #5: Eva Egermann in cooperation with 17th Istanbul Biennale 2022]

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