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Book Launch and Film Screening: “Co-Action Device: A Study”

İnci Eviner’s performative research “Co-Action Device: A Study”, displayed at the Galata Primary School in the 13th Istanbul Biennial with the cooperation of the 40 participants who responded to the artist’s open call, is now published in a book. The book launch and the film screening of İnci Eviner’s work is to be held at the Salon on Friday, 9 May, at 18:00.

The documentation of Eviner’s “Co-Action Device: A Study” as a book was edited by Elif Kamışlı and designed by Esen Karol. The book will be on sale for 25 TL at bookstores, as well as at the İKSV Design Store and can be purchased online by e-mailing

The “Co-Action Device: A Study” had brought students from different disciplines together on the stage as part of the device, allowing them to experience many concepts actively within the dynamics of research and production. Artist İnci Eviner spoke on her work and the book: “The ‘Co-Action Device: A Study’ may seem too utopian to be a self-sustaining education model, but it certainly entertains the possibility that things can change; besides, you cannot deny the substantiality of experiencing a certain kind of collectivism. Through this work where artistic expressions are constantly in action, it was also important for me to contribute to the international discussion platforms on art education and to engage in a new project with those who share this concern.”