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Bige Örer will serve as vice president for the International Biennial Association

President of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation Yongwoo Lee was elected interim President for the International Biennial Association. Marieke van Hal, director of the Biennial Foundation, and Bige Örer, director of the Istanbul Biennial, were elected to serve as the two interim Vice Presidents for the first term. The location of the IBA office is the country of residence of the President, in Gwangju, South Korea.

A preparatory committee comprised with delegates from 21 various biennales and triennales gathered in Sharjah in March of 2013. Representatives from differing regions, histories and backgrounds were chosen to voice the diversity of political and social perspectives. Two separate meetings in Venice and Istanbul since the initial meeting in Sharjah took place, covering key objectives for the future direction of the association. Four working committees (Research, Constitution Structure and Membership, Programming Content and Pedagogy and Finance) were formulated and workshops undertaken to achieve the fundamental mission of the association.

The inaugural ceremony will take place at the General Assembly later this year. A follow up announcement, outlining dates, location and agenda for the Assembly will be further released along with membership sign-up, which will be available through the website from late March.

The International Biennial Association

The International Biennial Association (IBA) is a non-for-profit arts association composed of institutions, individuals and associates from the Biennial community and arts-related industry created to expand and share activities of curatorial and artistic creation and knowledge production through cooperation and exchange among biennials and institutions, contributing to the development of cultural and artistic production by providing strategies, methodologies and vision through a platform for collaboration and support among a network of art professionals. 60’ın üzerinde bienal temsilcisinin katıldığı “Bienal Temsilcileri Toplantısı” kapsamında gerçekleştirilen tartışmalar sonucunda, Uluslararası Bienaller Birliği fikri formüle edildi.

In October of 2012, The World Biennial Forum No1, “Shifting Gravity,” was held in Gwangju, South Korea, gathering over 450 participants across 150 international art biennials, triennials and art-related institutions. Over 60 biennial representatives attended the ‘Biennial Representatives Meeting’ and as an outcome from the discussions, the International Biennial Association was formulated.