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14th Istanbul Biennial participants at Sharjah Biennial 13

14th Istanbul Biennial participants, artist duo İz Öztat and Belkıs Işık, and artist Deniz Gül are among the participants of Sharjah Biennial 13.

İz Öztat and Fatma Belkıs contribute to the biennial with Who Carries the Water, a work that was manually produced without any electric power. First exhibited in 2015 at the 14th Istanbul Biennial, the installation displays an account of what they have learned from the ways of living articulated during the struggles against the construction of run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants in numerous valleys of Anatolia. Deniz Gül, who participated in the 14th Istanbul Biennial with a wooden ceiling installation, exhibits three sculptures at Sharjah.

Istanbul Biennial Advisory Board member İnci Eviner, who was presented with the 2017 Sharjah Biennial Award, also participate in the biennial with two video installations: a biennial commission Beuys Underground (2017) and Runaway Girls (2015) that was previously exhibited at Arter in Istanbul. Sharjah Biennial 13 opened in 10 March and can be visited until 12 June.

The Istanbul Off-site Project: BAHAR

The Istanbul Off-Site Project for Sharjah Biennial 13, BAHAR is a platform for new productions. BAHAR is structured along its keyword ‘crops’ and follows the life-cycle of a seed. Initiated through a series of research and conversations resulting in commissions with Istanbul-based thinkers and artists from various disciplines, the project has come to revolve around the theme of ‘seed dormancy’ and ‘sleep’ as they pertain to both our psychological states as well as institutional and cultural states.

BAHAR consists of two precursory weekend programmes of talks and film screenings in collaboration with local institutions and organizations on March 23 - 25th and April 5 - 7th; and concludes with a programme of commissioned exhibitions and performances between May 13th - June 10th. The two precursory weekend programmes will intend to correspond to the planting of seeds, cultivating further issues and ideas around the keyword ‘crops’ and providing the conditions for their discussion.