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An exhibition of Cansu Çakar is at Jordan

An exhibition of Cansu Çakar initiated and developed by Istanbul Biennial Director Bige Örer, Linear Transcendency opens at Darat al Funun.

Based in Amman, Jordan, Darat al Funun is getting ready to host a collaborative exhibition by İzmir-based artist Cansu Çakar, who was among the participants of the last year’s 14th Istanbul Biennial. Pioneered by Bige Örer, the exhibition presents the results of a series of workshops held at Darat al Funun and will open to visit between 23 April - 6 May 2016.

For the project, the artist has collaborated with participants from different backgrounds including women, refugees, students as well as architects, artists and activists in a series of workshops titled 'Mapping Stories and Destinations'. The process highlighted the act of working together and mapping different stories and destinations using miniature technique, which is traditionally commonly used in mapping.

Cansu Çakar said; ‘What was and what made the border? The borders used to be rivers, mountains and seas. The color of the earth could change as it pleased, the rocks could move as they rolled. But which border is a mountain's or a river's in our day? The infinity in the space becomes more meaningless as we divide our tiny world with lines. We become more shallow and then we begin not to deserve infinity. We draw rough lines by means of paws of the civilization while as the Nature offers us all the answers with her kindness. A World where the crows could land on the whales must have been a dream, but for now, we can only dream of a world where there are no borders.’

Please click here for more information on the exhibition.